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Is there a chance that non-EA games can be carried over from Steam? This is unfortunate, and something that EA should consider fixing. In fact, there are some games that are available on both services, but only Steam allows you to activate them even though they were purchased elsewhere.

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Of course it could backfire terrible if the movie becomes a flop. Personally I am not a fan of Final fantasy and I think that it would be a bad idea making an animated movie that is supposed to look real, it makes it look fake, Miley Cyrus fake. No the best thing would be to use relative unknown actors to keep the budget down, but still not be so cheep as to spare on the special effects. Leliana's actor from France, and most of the rest from England.

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Finding good relativly unknown actors from across the world that are still somewhat known in their own countries would really ad to the fantasy setting, a known actor would steel to much attention. The really big problem is which origin will be the one the warden in the film will have.

We have twelve options, six origens times two genders. A female warden can have a romance with Alastair with conflicting feelings for Zevran.

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A male on the other hand, can led to a very interesting showdown between Morrigan and Leliana. I imagine him being to gutless to chose or really going all the way with either of them, leading to some nasty cat-fights between them. Can you imagine that? While the origin is completely impossible a question also arises as to what the movie should be focusing on. Runing after the warden as s he completes the quests would be too trivial.

I diffidently feel that Loghain should have more camera time and Ser Cauthrien as well, but must of all that deliciously evil Rendon Howe. Whowever what I think would work best, is if we instead of making it a movie, make a serial with these episodes. Any DLC may or may not be introduced depending on the budged and number of episodes in the Serial.

Several problems would accure if you try to make a movie to similar to the game. You would have a lot of important characters, far to many for those i dont know the DAO universe. Yo could make a origins to grey warden to Remember the movie will a lenght of 3 hours at the very most a quickplay of DAO takes more then 20 hours if you know the game. Also remember DAO isn't Lord of the rings, so there will be much fewer money and much fewer who is going to see DAO the movie, i dont think there will be an option to e. I persanally like the idea of animation but perhaps more shrek-like then FF-like.

I dont like the anime idea however. One note there is seven origin stories human mage and elven mage is not exactly the same, hence two slightly different origins. Yeah, The Warden can be anyone since there are six origins, two genders and three races. I've got a better idea; why not let 3D models be the characters, let voice actors speak for them, and let film celebrities, if they want to play a video game character, audition for it like anyone else.

I don't see how sitting and watching a passive medium will do anything to improve my experience of an interactive one. I think it's about the novelty enjoyment of selecting a cast for a movie about the game. Reminds me of L4D with the load screen of Zoey played by such-and-such. It's a lot of fun in my opinion. I didn't come up with everyone, but here's what I think, and I included a movie or tv show since actors sometime's have a very wide range of characters and some would work better than others:.

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Zevran played by Johnny Depp I don't know, but he's awesome I think it would translate better if instead of a movie it was made as a Cable T. The story would get very watered down in a 2 hour long movie but if each episode was 1 hour long and it was say 13 or 14 episodes most of the DAO story would get told. I think that making a movie about the story of the old Blights would be better.

I think we all here know how "great" and generic movies-from-games turn out to be, specially on fantasy. They would make the darkspawn extremelly human-like, and only Alistair and Morrigan would be recruited, the Warden would be a Human Noble Warrior badass 'cuz the main character in those movies is AWAYS human, even if he originaly was a elf and he would bed Morrigan like halfway in the film in a ridiculous scene.

He would kill the werewolfs AND the elves, let the king who paid him best take the throne of Orzammar, would forget about Redcliff and let the Templars destroy the Circle of Magi, 'cuz his a badass. Meaning, terrible movie. So a prequel is the best bet, they would have greater freedom to make it. They're already making a Dragon Age movie. Though some may not like this, it's going to be an anime movie made collaboratively by BioWare and FUNimation Entertainment. Back in June I asked David Gaider if he was writing it, sadly he's not sad I know , but he and the other writers are working with those that are to make sure they get the lore right.

It's supposed to be a direct to DVD movie for release some time in So long they don't screw it all up with this movie, I'll probably like.

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People usually think that videogames are a waste of time, even more if there's a bad or "silly" movie conected to it. DA:O is so animated anyway but something I have always dreamed of is a movie based on Baldur's Gate, I think an animated serial would be best, at least to test the water, a real movie could be made later if the cartoon turns into a hit, while DA:O is good, it still can't top the story and atmosphere of good old BG.

After reading all of these post I realized that I was wrong in suggesting just one film. Meryl Streep should be Flemeth! I don't like the idea of introducing several wardens at once, it makes it too confusing, if there is anything I have learned from writing it is the principle "cut your darling" you need to get rid of everything unnecessary, even if you love it, almost especially if you do. Making a movie or a serial based on DA:O could easily turn out to be a disaster, many of my favourite books have been completely ruined when they tried to make it into a movie. A book or a game can hold many more details then a film can, trying to force to much into it will just make it confusing and blurry.

Invalid Serial Number for "Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate Edition" DVD version - Answer HQ

It can be made into a serial, but even then it would pretty much just tell the same story as the one we can already see in the game. The solution: Make a movie in the DA universe that tells a related story to the one in DA:O, one that can stand on its own, without being confusing for these that know nothing of the DA universe, but with lots of pointers that would make it extra interesting for these that do. The movie could tell the story of Liselle the Orlaiseean flower merchant in Denerim Market District , it could also focus on one of the companions in the game at an earlier stage in his or her life, like Zevran for instance, or Leliana.

It could also tell the story of a completely unknown character that just happens to live in the same world. A dwarven castles for instance or an Alienage elf.

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I can see it now. As a murderer and an Apostate she and her kid sister Lily fleas Amaranthine.

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Hunted by zealous templar and the notorious assassins Antivan Crows send by the vengeful bann, they tries to find a place where they can be free of persecution. Well if you are going to go that route then how about this, someone spies on the Joining Ritual then as Duncan and Allister are bent over your Warden, that person takes the Joining Chalice and Drinks from it and becomes an Unofficial Grey Warden.

Or they Could have been mistaken about Daveth and he somehow survived, but was only in a coma, he awakes after the battle and the Darkspawn are leaving, he discovers the bodies of Duncan and Cailain on the battle field and thinks he is the only Grey Warden left, remembering the treaties they recovered, he sets off to gather the army he will need to defeat the Darkspawn, he then learns about Allister and you from Flemeth and sets off to find you, but you are one step ahead of him.

Until the final battle when you and Allister meet him just before the ArchDemon is killed. Anya talk , August 5, UTC. Keanu Reeves for Sten. As a voice actor alone, since it'd be kind of hard to pull off Sten with his build. They are both great actresses and they will sound the same too. No Anyamarie that would just be another way to retelling the story that have already been tolled in DA:O.

It can work as a DLC, making Daveth another recruitable character, but even then I think it would be milking it. My idea was to make a movie in the universe, about a completely unrelated story. Like the story about the elf girl Leviria that just have found out that she is a mage and is now being hunted for the murder of her patrons son, in a desperate attempt to reach the Dalish.

That story has everything: Injustice, suppression, desperation and drama. It would be closely related to the universe, also taking place in Ferelden, but taking place before the Blight, before the pc becomes a warden. This story holds the potential of being made into a movie, we can expand or cut it as we will depending on the amount of reference to DA:O we want it to have.

We can tell another story if we want, but a movie in the DA universe, cannot be about the event in DA:O, course that have already been tolled, it need not be said twice. It would give the writers more time to develop and flesh out the characters, story and setting. Also, if a studio were to make a Dragon Age movie with just the main story it would still be longer than Return of the King. Anyway, here is who I think would be good as the characters from the game.

I think Helen Mirren would be better as Wynne And Kate Mulgrew?! I love that series